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We help professionals connect with and empower the next generation of underserved business leaders by offering free 1-on-1 conversations that open career doors.

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Our Advisors have worked at the world’s leading companies, including:

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Whether you’re exploring career paths or ready to land your next role, we’ve got you covered.

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Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not. Candoor’s all-in-one recruiting platform leverages humans and technology to help you explore, break into and thrive in your dream job.

For Black, Latinx, Indigenous & other underserved Advisees

We envision a world where diverse talent is no longer “underrepresented.” Candoor was founded to help Black, Latinx and Indigenous professionals break into historically non-diverse industries and realize their potential.

See yourself in any role

Not sure where to start or what’s next for your career? Explore career paths by connecting with Advisors from a variety of industries, companies and roles. You name it, they’ve done it — and you can do it too.

Grow your professional network on your own terms

Unlike traditional mentor matching programs, we believe that the best relationships form organically. We empower you to choose your own Advisors based on your unique goals and needs and join a community of like-minded Advisees accelerating their careers.

Get personalized guidance from on-the-job professionals

What if you could know why your resume wasn't getting past the system or how much you should really be getting paid? Get the inside scoop from on-the-job professionals who are eager to share their insights and advice with you — tailored to your specific situation.

How it works

Connect with a friendly career Advisor in 4 easy steps:

1. Tell us about yourself and your career goals.
2. Browse our Advisor Directory to find one who is right for you.
3. Send them a message and your availability for a virtual meeting.
4. Make a new connection!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Have other questions? Get in touch at [email protected]

  • If your application is accepted, you’ll be invited to create an Advisee profile, join our community and browse our Advisor Directory, where you can quickly identify relevant Advisors through filters for industry, role and services offered (e.g. resume reviews, mock interviews)
  • Each month, you can request a meeting with up to 2 Advisors of your choice. Our platform will help you compose an outreach message and suggest meeting times.
  • Once your Advisor confirms a time, you'll both automatically receive a calendar invite with a Zoom link and suggested conversation-starters.
  • After your conversation, fill out our short feedback form to let us know how it went!

We plan to accept as many applicants as possible, and therefore have intentionally created a simple application. To be eligible for Candoor, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Identify as Black, Latinx, Native American or otherwise underserved in the tech or business world
  • Have received a high school diploma or GED
  • Have fewer than 6 years of professional working experience
  • Have the desire to pursue a tech or business career in the US

Finally, we are looking for Advisees who have reflected on their career goals (even if still undecided!) and how Candoor can best help. If that sounds like you, sign up for our interest form and we'll be in touch!

You do not! While we are primarily focused on serving Black, Latinx and Indigenous college students and professionals with <6 years of full-time work experience, Advisees of all underserved backgrounds are welcome to apply.

Given our long Advisee waitlist, you can expect to hear back within 1 month of submitting your application. If you still haven’t heard back after that time, feel free to email us for a status update.

  • Come to meetings prepared with specific goals and questions in mind - this will help you make the most out of conversations!
  • Honor your meeting times and minimize last-minute rescheduling and cancellations
  • Fill out our short feedback form and thank your Advisor after every conversation

Definitely! While Candoor excels at facilitating unlikely professional connections through 30-minute conversations, you’re more than welcome (and encouraged!) to stay in touch on a longer-term basis with Advisors.